Beauty canons in women fashion

Beauty and fashion are highly developed social concepts. Trendy clothes are presented by icons and fashion stars.

Taking care of your beauty

To stay beautiful young and attractive, you must care for your appearance every day.

Hairstyle trends

Hairstyle evolves over time and adapts to the latest trends, fashion and more… Nowadays, fringes and retro hairstyle are back. Women also favour natural coloring.

Beauty care for women

Facials are essential for a beautiful skin. Likewise, body care is all-important. In both cases, choosing the right product is vital.


Natural eye makeup style has always been popular. It enhances a woman’s beauty and is now the latest trend in the fashion world.

If you want to have a perfect skin, you need to identify your skin type and the best skin care treatment for you. It is highly recommended to use natural products and vegetable oils. The latter have many health benefits.

Today, organic beauty products are widely available. Natural colouring is easy to find.

Your body needs proper care adapted to your skin type. Choose organic cosmetics

Fashion trends spotted on the catwalks

To become as beautiful and confident as you dream of, all you need is fashion! Discover with us all the latest fashion trends on the catwalks


Adapt your clothes to your morphology to enhance your silhouette.

Who said fluorescent was old-fashioned ?

The neon colour is starting to spread around the world !


Be a relaxed and fashionable sportswoman

The bohemian style: a new trend on vogue

A perfect summer style with some accessories

The check print style: the trend of the moment

The check print style is becoming fashionable: for skirts, for shirts.

Off duty style: Get the off-duty model look !

The off-duty style of the models is copied by young girls.

Handbags with visible logo

Nails, a real attractive feature

Be pretty from top to bottom and take care for the health of your nails

Nails beauty

Care for your nails

It is essential to moisturize your nails, remove dead skin, and protect them before applying a coat of nail polish,

To beautify your hand,, you must first remove all make-up from your nails. Then, remove fragile and thin skins. Next, file your nails carefully. Make sure to choose a quality file. Soaking your hand in warm water is essential to cleanse your nails thoroughly. If you need to remove dead skin, use strengthened water on your nails. Before applying nail polish, apply a base coat.

A « frozen » effect seen by fashion professionals

Party make up: Try the « frozen » effect

The « frozen » look is very popular in the fashion world.

Why adopt the frozen effect?

Why choose the frosted look?

The frosted look is still fairly new in the fashion world. Women are adopting this style for their clothing and accessories. It’s a look that copy snow colours. For instance, hair frosted colours can be grey with a shades of blue. Colors have a great variety of nuances.

For clothing, it’s better to combine laces and black jersey. Both are essential accessories for the frosted look, whether for an evening dress or for an office suit. It is advisable to combine two colours to create the perfect shade.

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