Manicure is the art of treating and beautifying nails. The enhancement of our hands is an important step mainly for women. The choice of the colour of the nail polish as well as the shape to adopt are part of the beauty of the nails. Concerning the shades, you can select according to your outfit and also according to your complexion. There are a variety of nail shapes: square, ballerina, stiletto and almond among others. Are almond-shaped nails suitable for any hand?

What is an almond-shaped nail?

Almond-shaped nails are proving to be the most feminine manicure. They come in an elongated or even very elongated shape with sophisticated curves on the tip of each nail. The name of the style comes from the almond fruit because it is shaped like an almond. In order to adopt this shape, your nails must be perfectly healthy and strong enough to withstand regular filing sessions. In this way, you will obtain nails with a pure line ready to be shaped.

Almond-shaped nails: for whom?

The almond shape is mainly intended for a person with long or even very long nails. Otherwise it is difficult, if not impossible, to make your nails look like an almond shape. For more precision, this style would be even more refined with short fingers and small hands. It goes without saying that this shape will add a special touch and is perfect for even the finest fingers. If you are one of the people who like to take care of these nails, this model is the most recommended.

The right colours with almond-shaped nails

To adopt this style, file your nails until they get a slightly more pronounced oval. Don't forget to round off the tip to complete the look. The shades of nail polish you can select if you adopt this style will vary depending on the style you want to wear. The beautiful powdered rose will go well with a more elegant style such as casual and romantic. The bright red will make your nails even more attractive and will easily match with evening wear. At work, prefer light and soft colors to refine your everyday style. Finally, the almond shape is ideal for nail-art lovers.