There are different types of the year when the weather is entirely unpredictable. Most of the time, it is between seasons, or at the beginning and end of different seasons. During such times, since you do not know whether it will be cold, rain, or hot, it is hard to choose to wear when leaving the house. Regardless, fashion doesn’t rest and doesn’t care what time of the year it is. For this reason, the following essential outdoor items would come in handy;

A pair of long flat boots

One of the most versatile Outdoor items you can have in your closet is a pair of long flat boots. The shoes can be worn with different pieces in various times and seasons of the year. For instance, you can pair the boots with a short dress or a pair of jeans. This means that the boots can transition seamlessly through different weathers. Another advantage that the boots present is that they are ideal for walking and riding because they are flat. They are also insulated to keep the feet warm. The fact that they are very stylish is also an added advantage.

A trench coat

Trench coats have been in existence for more than a century. However, over the years, trench coats have evolved in style. A trench coat is a classy item that you want to have in your closet and can wear at any time and season. When choosing the best trench coat, you need to consider the style and the type of material. Trench coats can come in different materials like cotton, wool, and leather. The various forms of trench coats include double-breasted, raglan sleeves, epaulettes, and cuff straps. It would be wise if you had different brands, styles, and colours of trench coats in your closet for different occasions and seasons. You can pair a beautiful trench coat with a pair of pants, a dress, and other clothing articles. It also helps that both men and women can wear coats.


Scarfs are also suitable outdoor items that would come in handy and transition well in different seasons. There are different types, brands, and styles of scarfs that you can rock with different outfits. For instance, a printed scarf would be the right choice as it tends to brighten things up. Scarfs will also help you create a unique and cheek look with various outfits. They also help you to add some personality to the outfits. Therefore, investing in a selection of scarfs would be a wise idea for times of unpredictable weather.

A pair of jeans

Whether during the cold or the hot season, you can do no wrong with a nice pair of jeans. Jeans come in a wide range of styles and designs from which you can choose. They are an excellent closet item for different occasions and can be paired with different tops and shoes. You can rock your jeans with a pair of heels, boots, and sneakers, depending on the event. During the cold season, you can pair your jeans with a sweatshirt or warm coat, and in hot weather, you can do a small vest or top. Other incredible items to wear during unpredictable weather include warm jackets and sweatshirts. It is wiser to have a warm piece of cloth and have it be cold because you can easily take it off as opposed to the contrary.