Eyelash extensions are fixed along the eyelash line. They use eyelash glue and can stay for a month. Eyelash extensions can withstand exercise sessions, cold water, and even warm water. They are suitable substitutes for mascara and other eye makeup kits. For a contemporary beautician, you are advised to do an online lash extension course. It increases your beauty skills and boosts your confidence, which will grow your business in the long run.

Why should you go for lash extension training?

There are many online eyelash technician courses. First-time learners are advised to do the eyelash course to perfect their skills. Also, qualified lash experts can do the course. They can improve their skills and boost their self-esteem. Skilled lash technicians find work placement easier, with some deciding to start their own business, thanks to the skills gained from the eyelash course online.

What will you learn in an eyelash extension course?

Different courses have different learning materials. One may learn different things in a lash technician course. It includes:

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Consultation process
  • Should you continue with eyelash treatment or not?
  • Choosing correct lashes for different eye shapes
  • Application of individual lashes
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Removal process
  • Aftercare advice
  • When a new set of lashes is required instead of a touch-up

What will your career opportunities be?

Lash training equips you with knowledge and skills that enable you to work in a salon or spa. You can also work for a healthcare organization specialising in skin treatment and hair loss. If you have financial means, you can start your own business.

Which eyelash extension training is available for me?

a.) Classic Individual Lash Extension Course

Study Method: Online
Location: Anywhere
Start Date: Anytime
Provider: The Beauty Academy
You can learn to do eyelash treatments from the comfort of your home. There are numerous online videos and tutorials with useful information on eyelashes. The internet has experienced lash technical course trainers who can share their knowledge. You can also access notes and other learning materials on your phone. The knowledge is invaluable if you are learning for personal gains, which can help you serve your friends, family, and customers.

b.) Eyelash Extension Certification Online

Study Method: Online
Location: Anywhere
Start Date: Anytime
Provider: The Lash Professional
This eyelash extension training is perfect for busy people. You have access to lash training materials for seven days and learn at your speed, during your own free time.

c.) Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Study method: Online
Location: Anywhere
Start date: Anytime
Provider: Eyelash Extension Tech Training
The package makes you the most preferred eyelash extension artist. If you use this system, you have lifetime support and coaching, and a completion certificate.