When it comes to make-up and facial beauty, the trend among stars is glossy! Recently, glossy make-up has been making a strong comeback even if it has been somewhat forgotten to the detriment of matte make-up. It can be found on the eyelids, but also on the lips. This kind of make-up gives a "wet" effect on the face. This is what attracts the most in glossy make-up. Those with oily eye skin will finally be able to blow away and follow their own trends.

The glossy lips

The foundation of glossy makeup is certainly in the lips. In order to have beautiful lips with a mirror effect, you first need to exfoliate. This will allow the shine to last longer. For those who like the nude effect, the application of gloss with the finger is more suitable. Simply put a drop on a finger and tap it lightly on the lips from the middle to the outside.  For a more visible effect, use an applicator, tube or stick.

For glossy eye makeup

The basis for this kind of make-up is to play on the "natural" effect of the thing. Indeed, one should not rush and use products that are not adapted. You should therefore cross off the list of things to buy cream eyeshadows that go into the small folds of the skin and also lip glosses that are not made for this sensitive area that is the eye. On the other hand, you can favour moisturizing balms underneath your makeup so that the gloss lasts longer. It is also important to know that there are products specifically designed for the eyes. One example is MAC's Eye Gloss Studio. But there are also other brands that sell them like Bunny Rouge.

For glossy skin

After eyes and lips, make way for skin glossy! To get a satin-smooth skin or the so-called "glass skin" effect, apply a highlighter. This fashion has come straight from Korea. It consists in having a well hydrated and soft skin with this pure and Argentinean look. It is also important to adopt a good habit in the evening. It consists of cleansing the skin before exfoliating, then applying a moisturizing serum and night care. One should not be afraid to put on a lot, on the contrary.