Disappeared during the 1990's until 2000 contrary to the glosses and nude colors. Lipstick is now making a comeback with more than 900,000 tubes sold in one year worldwide.


The art of being feminine without being vulgar. Glamour is the perfect combination of elegance, seduction, feminine grace, charm and sensuality. Glamour has often been referred to by the iconic Marilyne Monroe and Elisabeth Taylor.


Lipstick is a cosmetic product that emphasizes the lips. Marking a desire for seduction, in 1770 in England the wearing of lipstick was forbidden by law because of seduction for men which was seen as witchcraft. During ancient Egypt, women wishing to make a mouth in red painted their lips. Cleopatra covered her lips with a texture composed of red algae and fish scales for a pearly shine. It was in the 1940s and 1950s during the rise of Hollywood fame that lipstick took off.

How to make a pretty red mouth?

For a pretty red mouth, it is imperative to first make up the lips before applying lipstick, because it allows you to redraw the contour of the lips. The trick would be to apply a low eyelid above the contour of the mouth and over the mouth as well. The lipstick then gives the advantage of better drawing the contour of the mouth, it is possible to choose between a matt lipstick or a shiny lipstick. It is important to choose your lipstick colour carefully, which generally should be in accordance with the hair colour and the entire make-up. Deep reds are best for people with light chestnut, red or brown hair, while lipsticks with strong colours such as orange are more suitable for very light complexions. It is preferable to use a brush to apply lipstick, as it allows you to highlight the shape of your mouth without going into vulgarity, unlike a gloss. Lipstick is a cosmetic accessory that marks glamour and seduction. Existing in several colours that should be worn to match hair colour and complexion.