Being fashionable doesn't just mean owning the latest lines of trendy clothing and accessories. It also means having a hair style that keeps up with the latest innovations. Just like the great celebrities, the square cut is coming back to perfect a new style. This timeless hairstyle is available in a variety of variations, from the short square cut to the long square cut. There are a number of criteria that must be met before choosing this hairstyle.

The lengh of the cut according to the morphology

The square cut is a hairstyle that suits everyone. For a successful cut, morphology is the main criterion to be taken into account. The shape of the face, the size of the person, the corpulence characterize the length of the cut to adopt. Moreover, these traits also define the shape of the cut, once the length has been determined. Among others, the short square or long square cut could be degraded, or worn with a fringe or locks. For short people, those with long necks, a short bobbed cut lengthens the silhouette. While the long or medium-long bobbed cut is suitable for those with a rather short and/or drawn neck. This cut also refines the rounded shape of the face. However, both hairstyles are suitable for people with an oval face.

The square cut according to hair type

Making a square cut is often complex. To avoid looking like a little girl, a meticulous work is required. Thus, depending on the hair, the square must be cut in balance, i.e. have the same length on both sides. In addition, the ends of the hair should be cut lengthwise for a lighter effect. Fine hair can adopt both short and long squares, as they are flexible and malleable. A short cut is recommended for thick hair in order to give the hair a voluminous appearance. A long bob is suitable for curly hair, since once dry, the hair length will shrink.

Maintaining the square cut

The timeless square cut is easy to style thanks to its length. Stiff, looped, gradient, plunging, the square is easily worn by everyone. The bobbed cut remains elegant for all types of styles. With a parting on the side or in the middle, a fringe or strands, this hairstyle can be maintained quickly and effortlessly. Hair accessories also enhance the cut. And for those who don't dare the short square, the long version is ideal as the hair grows after 2 or 3 months.