Bottega Veneta is an Italian Luxury design that has been in existence for a long time. This brand has always been known for its fine productions, making it a lead fashion player. The introduction of the famous designer, Daniel Lee, only took things to the next level. For a long time, the young designer was not known due to his lack of social media presence. However, his recent contributions and transformation of the Italian brand to its former glory have put him on the world's fashion map. His exquisite taste has brought back the finesse that fans have always identified this old Italian label with.

Maintaining the Codes of the House's Craftsmanship

Rather than come up with a new designer trend, Daniel chose to retain the coveted craftsmanship, sophistication, and quality that has always been associated with Bottega Veneta as a brand. He focused on preserving the old but fusing to meet modern needs. The talented designer brings a fresh creative idea into the well-established brand without necessarily pushing away the core of its existence. After joining the company, Daniel released his first collection with the brand during the popular Milan Fashion Week for FW19. Fans got to experience a feel of his chic, minimalistic design, and styles. In line with the brand's style, his debut show exhibited a black leather dress to a knitted one, and one-shouldered piece too. It was paired with a huge cross body bag, and an Intrecciato weave slide heels, completing the Bottega Veneta wear statement.

Lee is a Luxury Brand Expert

One may wonder why this famous brand chose to bring in the young designer as part of their team. Well, the truth is that Daniel Lee is no stranger to luxury brands. He has worked with a number of famous labels throughout his professional career. Some top brands he has been associated with include Balenciaga, CĂ©line, Donna Karan, and Maison Margiela. From this experience, it was clear that Lee had a lot to offer. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was able to turn things around for the Italian brand. While the company had slowly been succumbing to the pressure of competition, Lee managed to turn things around and regain its former glory.

Winning the Masses

Within a short time of his input at Bottega Veneta, Lee managed to have people talking about the luxury brand again. His stock of collections featuring his signature square-toe shoes and leather handbags fast turned into a street style. Many people could not wait to grab any of one of his items as they were the in-thing among fashionistas worldwide. After all, they became a sensation during the New York Fashion Week.

King of Variety

As if on a mission, Lee worked on different pieces to capture all potential needs. He managed to transform simple experimental outwear, party ready-sequins, intricate knitwear, strong silhouettes, and leather into signature elements. In fact, fashion-sensitive individuals across the world were drawn to his recent leather pieces creations. As if that was not enough, he went further to create unique jewellery. While he achieved so much after his entrance to Bottega Veneta, Lee has always been respectful to his predecessors. He appreciates their contributions to the brand and works on making things better in the future. He is a very talented man with a very bright future in the fashion industry.