Due to busy schedules, most women have no time to use the eyelash curler, and the lash extension has thus become increasingly popular. They come in different lengths and types with magical appearance transformation powers. Keep reading to get more details about eyelash extensions products.

What are Eyelashes Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes used to enhance the fullness, length, and thickness of your natural lashes. There are numerous eyelash extensions in Montreal that comes in different colors and shape, made from synthetic, mink or silk materials. Different technicians use varying methods to apply the lashes, but generally, they attach a single strand on your natural lashes one by one using special lash extension glue. The application process can take from one to three hours, depending on the technician’s experience, consultation time, and the eyelash extensions class used.

How to Choose the Appropriate Eyelashes

You can easily buy eyelash extensions online, but you need to understand that everyone has different lashes which work best with a certain length and thickness of lash extensions. For instance, if you have shorter and thinner natural lashes, consider a half set, then upgrade with time, especially for a beginner. Base your selection on your eye type and shape to pick the best eyelash in Canada that perfectly suits your eyes. Also, consider the eye color, preferences, and whether you need a glamorous or dramatic look. Remember to check whether you have any allergy or sensitivity towards any eyelash extensions products and the level of tolerance for upkeep.

Tips to Maintaining Healthy Lashes

Although you can use favorable mascara for eyelash extensions brands, it’s good to avoid oil-based products. The ingredients in oil-based mascara can dissolve the bonding agent in your lashes, and they might fall. Also, avoid tinting the eyelash extension or do it before treatment since the tint can react with the glue causing allergic reactions or other complications. When removing makeup around the lashes, use a cotton swab, and work gently around. Also, avoid water contact with the lashes for about 24 hours after getting them done to prevent weakening the adhesives.

Benefits of Wearing Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are more comfortable to put on and will help cut your makeup routine time by half. You have multiple options to consider based on your preference from curly, thick to the lengthy ones. Your self-confidence will be a notch higher even if you wear less makeup since you’ll still look natural and glamorous. For those who have explored the best eyelash serum in Canada, with no success, the extension will enhance your face giving you a pretty look that will boost your satisfaction. It gives you that unique and outstanding look without damaging your natural lashes. They also add fullness to your natural lashes without any need for mascara.