The flagship garment of the 50's, the midi skirt has been making a comeback since 2016. From now on, it becomes a must-have in our dressing room. Comfortable, practical and elegant, it can make our look original and very stylish, as long as you know how to wear it. The question is: which top with a midi skirt?

The midi skirt: a look of elegance and originality

Worn by the fashionable women of the 50s, the midi skirt is making a comeback on the big designer catwalks. Marc Jacob, Herm├Ęs... All contributed to the return of this famous skirt, cut at the mid-calf. Characteristic of the midi skirt is a long skirt, arriving below the knees. It is generally bell-shaped, but we can also find flared midi skirts, and even straight. Previously, it was mainly intended for tall, middle-aged ladies. But nowadays, even the youngest can wear it without looking older.

Wearing a midi skirt has many advantages:

First of all, it's very comfortable. Fluid and airy, it is very easy to wear. In addition, it is easier to wear than a lot of other clothes. Then, it gives a look of chic, elegant and bourgeois woman. Finally, it is available in all styles. Pleated, curved, flared... It can be adopted in several forms. It can also be worn at any time, whatever the occasion (with a heel for the evening and with a sneaker for daytime outings).

The midi skirt: the ideal top

Although the midi skirt is very trendy, you shouldn't wear it just anyhow! In particular, it is important to choose the top with the midi skirt. Here are some examples of tops that you can match with your skirt: - A cropped sweater: very ideal for winter, the cropped sweater in knit gives a classy and original woman look. For more style, you can combine it with a straight leather midi skirt, accessorized with a small shoulder strap and boots. - A sailor top: the sailor top is timeless. It goes with everything and, of course, with the midi skirt. Only, you have to wear this top with a plain and sober (preferably blue) midi skirt to avoid too much exuberance. - An oversize tee-shirt: wear a white oversize tee-shirt and tuck it inside your high waist midi skirt. Fold the edges of your t-shirt for a more casual, yet chic look. - A cropped jacket: for rare occasions like parties or dinners.

The midi skirt: tops to avoid

You should avoid wearing the midi skirt with long tops. The goal is to enhance it and not to hide it. Moreover, it does not emphasize the morphology and can make you look very old. Also avoid long coats or jackets. They have the same effects as long tops, and are therefore not very recommended. Finally, the midi skirt, being a rather visible material, it should be associated with simple accessories.