First impressions are very difficult to change. It remains in the back of your mind no matter how hard you try to improve your image. Far from being the only important point, the hairstyle contributes to making a good impression.

What does an appropriate hairstyle bring?

In order to live a great adventure, the first date must be a success. To do this, you need to be comfortable feeling good about yourself, to be able to offer a generous and sincere smile. You have to have confidence in yourself, and enjoy yourself. All this boosts self-esteem, and feeling stylish from head to toe is a big part of it. Also, the hairstyle for a first date is elegant to enhance the rest of the outfit. It's sophisticated but not too sophisticated. Simplicity brings out the naturalness. But being too simple can seem selfless. The hairstyle should also reflect the person's character. So the best thing to do is to be yourself by choosing your preferred hairstyle.

For women

As with all things, men have their own taste in hair. But loose, lightly wavy hair is generally accepted. It gives an impression of naturalness and freedom. Unveiling the nape of the neck, shoulders and collarbone can also be very attractive and sexy, with a strong potential for seduction. Twisted ponytail, bulky bun or tousled hair style, or hair on the side fixed with flat clips allow this. For short hair, the ideal hairstyle for a first date would be to achieve volume and waves. A vintage scarf for a stylish touch. Finally, depending on the shape of the face, a very short but feminine cut symbolizes independence and character.

For men

The objective being to get to know each other and to inspire a second date, opting for the natural is very important. But depending on each person's cut and style, there is a hairstyle for a successful first date. The short cut, military or not, is the classic one, embellished with a little spike above the forehead for a little style. The hipster cut adds to the long barbarian and tattoos to be more charming. The stripe gives a smart and elegant side for those who are used to wearing the suit. The tousled coiffé effect for the bad boy arouses interest. The mid-length cut for adventurers and thrill seekers. Long hair tied up or in a bun accentuates virility enhanced by a beard or moustache.