We often lack the time to take care of ourselves and take care of ourselves according to the rules of the art. That's why we would like to have a manicure that lasts more than four days, beautiful hands in all circumstances, without it taking too much time. Is this possible?

What is semi-permanent nail polish?

Semi-permanent nail polish allows you to have perfect hands without any maintenance for at least two weeks. They are made up of molecules that cling to each other, if they are placed under the radiation of LED or UV lamps they form a solid network. It contains thinning solvents that give it a liquid texture. This gives it a strong odour, but also makes it easier to apply. Film-forming agents make it possible to obtain a varnish with homogeneous layers. Finally, for pigmentation, such a variety is available for all tastes, while providing a perfect covering capacity. Of course, all these criteria are conditioned by the quality of the products used, which make these semi-permanent varnishes effective or not.

The advantages of semi-permanent coatings

With semi-permanent nail polish, you get a perfect manicure that can last more than two weeks. To achieve this, it has to be applied with care following the right method, on a healthy nail, and with branded products. There are currently 100% vegan and/or organic products that take care of the environment and hands. The method includes a good preparation of the nail, with the right base. It also provides more shine, with or without top coat. This shine can be obtained from the first coat if you have the right product. Finally, it is dry after thirty seconds with a LED lamp and after two minutes with UV.

Advantages compared to conventional nail polish

Having the bad reputation of damaging the nail, it should be pointed out that even conventional nail polishes contain chemicals. Moreover, the removal is done at the earliest after two weeks. This means that the hands are exposed to solvents only very rarely. This is not the case with conventional nail polish, which must be removed at least every four days. As far as smell is concerned, classic nail polish smells as strong as semi-permanent nail polish, because this smell is characteristic for the products needed to make them. Finally, for removal, in those early days, semi-permanent nail polish was more aggressive because it was removed by sanding. This saved time. But with the new research, more efficient products exist, while taking care of the nail.