There are numerous types of jewellery made from gemstones perfect for everyone and innumerable occasions that serves as constant sources of beneficial energies. Previously people viewed jewellery as women trends, but nowadays, you will still find numerous bracelets, rings, and necklaces for men. Note that the more you incorporate the natural crystals in your life, the more you reap the benefits. You will be able to harness the stone’s energies wherever you go. Here is all you need to know about the natural stone jewellery.

What is Natural Stone Jewellery?

Natural stones are naturally occurring substances sought after due to durability, beauty, and personal adornment. They appear freely in nature with a wide range of colour variations, thus preferred in making different jewellery types for specific occasions. After the stone gets sawed from the ground, it’s grounded to the desired jewellery shape, and polished to the required reflection. Most people opt for gemstone jewellery for protection from negative energies, to insert divine consciousness in the body, and for spiritual healings.

In ancient times, people used the gemstones to enjoy the health benefits, for religious practices, to restore field energy, gain peace, or to promote safety. Today, most people use them for ornamental purposes. Some still believe that you can reap health bonuses from specific gemstones and minerals. For some cultures, they prefer putting the gems in a particular body part for litho therapy. In contrast, others reap the health benefits by wearing jewellery from a specific gemstone. To find various natural jewels with many therapeutical virtues, click here.

Types of Gemstones Jewellery

You will find several natural stones in the market today based to suit various needs. The Amazonite is a semi-opaque stone, viewed as a stone of courage, and is widely used in bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Amber is a translucent gem in either red, yellow, black, blue, or white colours used in earrings, rings, and bracelets. Amethyst is another famous stone used in rings, earrings, and bangles. Citrine is a semi-precious gem that appears in pale yellow to golden brown hues used to make necklaces, rings, and earrings. Diamond is one of the hardest material common to men with numerous fancy colours ranging from yellow, orange, brown to almost black. It’s highly used in necklace and rings. Emeralds have an intense and desirable deep green colour, long perceived to have healing powers, especially for the eyesight’s, and is commonly used in rings.

Garnets come in a variety of colours, with dark red being the most common, and they make elegant earrings, rings, and pins. Most people use Jade for its medicinal purposes when worn as bracelets or earrings. Jasper appears in multicoloured patterned styles, either brown reddish or yellowish, used in tie pins, and clasp. Ruby is another highly sought after gemstone used in earrings and rings distinguished by a vibrant red colour with excellent durability, rarity, and lustre.

What to Consider when Buying Gemstones Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery provides a unique personal expression, and you need to ensure that you select the highest quality based on your budget. While most natural stone jewellery will have similar factors, they may have different values based on rarity, durability, and beauty properties. Look out for the colour, considering the dominant hue, its tone and saturation in a specific gem. Select one that you find beautiful based on the optimal colour. Also, check the gemstone cut and ensure that it has an excellent combination of shape, colour, and weight.

You can choose smooth round surface jewellery or one with flat, symmetrical planes. Note that a gemstone’s clarity contributes to its beauty, and it should allow enough light to illuminate through.

Most vendors measure the gemstone jewellery weight in carats, or millimetre dimensions in rings, earrings, or other types. Consider the gemstone’s durability based on its hardness or toughness. Some gems are best suited for daily life and regular application, while others work best when worn less. You may also need to check the level of purity, based on clarity, which ranges from the most valuable to the least. Note that the higher the impurities, the lower the price. Finally, consider the resale value and ensure that you collect authentic certificates when purchasing your jewellery if you wish to sell it later.

Benefits of Wearing Natural gem Jewellery

A particular natural stone creates a visible reminder of your purpose as it refers to what and why you have the intention to achieve something in life. With gemstone jewellery, they attract positive energies that reduce possibilities of misfortunes coming your way, since they act as an instrumental cleansing agent for the wearer. Putting on gemstone jewellery, overnight, daily, or on special events acts as practical medication tools. Unlike other types, the jewels are more durable and will make you stand out, giving you some sense of pride.

Depending on the stone type, you will enjoy varying healing powers. The gems act as litho therapy instruments that generate positive vibes and strengthen specific body parts, wherein contact. Also, you can feel some soothing effect or calmness to get rid of restlessness or anxiety. They also help to connect you with your past and inner conscious by helping you relate with some unclear circumstances that happened earlier.