Here is a good question? The answer would be very easy to give you: to do a training course. The purpose of this article is simply to make a small summary ... an anti-drying of the nails. Here are the different steps: -Disinfect the hands to prepare for the application of gel nail. -Push back the cuticles without forcing to enlarge the nail plate. -Limit the surface of the nail with a soft file to scratch the plate and dust with a clean brush. -Apply aNail Prep (desiccant, disinfectant and degreaser) before applying the gel nail. -Choose your false nail capsules to the right size. -Once chosen: apply glue on your capsule and place it on the nail by tilting it from front to back to avoid air bubbles. -Wipe off the excess glue with a square of cotton wool. -Shorten the nail with the guillotine (capsule cutter) to the desired size. -Then file the sides and the free edge to make the shape of your nail, file the demarcation of the capsule and also file the tips in order to remove the shine. -Apply a primer (if the primer is acid apply just the natural nail, if the primer is acid free you can apply it on the nail and capsule) or a base uv gel (a base gel catalyses itself for 2 min). -If you have stains on the natural nail apply a Gel uv Mask Cover Make Up in a thin layer and catalyze your hand for 2 min. You can repeat this step if you find that the gel has not sufficiently covered the imperfections. -Apply your French uv gel in the shape of a smile. It is better to do this step finger by finger (for beginners): make your French on a finger and put 30 seconds under the lamp, move to another and so on until the hand is finished, once finished put the whole 2min under the lamp uv gel for nails. -Apply a thin layer of Gel Construction on your gel nail then take a ball of gel with your brush, put it in the center of your nail and stretch the cuticles (without touching them) towards the free edge and on the sides by making small circular movements (this is called doing the bulging!!!!.For this step it is also advisable to do finger by finger for beginners as explained above and then also put your hand 2 min under the uv lamp once all fingers have been grasped) -Degrease with the Cleaner to remove the sticky layer of gel remaining on your gel nail. -Make the parallels: file the sides from top to bottom (inside/outside), the free edge, the top of the free edge, towards the cuticles and then the sides. -Pass the buffer and dust with the brush. -Put a thin layer of Finishing uv Gel and catalyse 2 min under the uv lamp. -Degrease with the Cleaner. -Apply cuticle oil. Your uv gel nail application is finished.