Through this guest article on the Griffées & Givrées blog, we will try to take stock of a sector that has been booming in recent years. Nail services (manicurist, prosthetist or nail stylist) are available today at all prices and at everyone's desire: in nail bars, at home, in trucks and pop'ups and recently, directly in companies. We will therefore give you advice on certain rules of hygiene that will allow you to reassure your customers and build loyalty with the common goal of all professionals; to develop your reputation and your turnover. Generally speaking, in order to communicate, attract and retain new customers, many nail professionals think they are competitive on a question of price. It is true that attractive prices are salesmen but on the one hand this type of practice requires a lot of effort without developing your turnover and on the other hand, it does not value your know-how. So how do you build loyalty with such a volatile clientele? We are going to try to provide you with some ideas to answer this question. If the quality of the products and your professionalism are necessary for quality services, it is important to note that in nail bars, beauty salons or even at home, some professionals do not show a real quality of service and it is this point that we will develop in this article.

The duty of result

The duty of result simply lies in the fact that your client is satisfied with the service provided, whether in nail salon or hairdressing, it is the client's satisfaction with the final result. However, between the beginning of the service and its final result, there are many stages and at this level, nothing should offend the client. In other words, everything must be perfect!

The duty of means

The duty of means consists in what the professional must implement so that the service takes place in optimal conditions of comfort for the client. This moment of beauty must remain a real moment of pleasure. In nail services, a few situations, particularly in terms of hygiene, can interfere with this moment of pleasure. As far as customer relations are concerned, a customer does not change providers without any reason. Moreover, if a satisfied customer is going to talk about it to two or three people around her, a dissatisfied customer will be happy to give you bad publicity. And depending on your geographical area, it is very easy to end up with a bad reputation.

So how do you build customer loyalty?

Quite simply by offering them impeccable service! Starting with impeccable hygiene. Nail files that are passed from hand to hand all day long are a very good vector for the transmission of fungus and, above all, the best way to drive away demanding customers. It is also a question of responsibility. If a client comes to you and accuses you of having transmitted fungal nail fungus or other fungal infections, how do you react? If you don't use any effective means for equipment hygiene, it will be very difficult for you to react positively. On the other hand, if good hygiene is ensured, you can reassure the client by informing her that all preventive measures are taken for the safety of everyone, including you. For example, offer your clients single-use file and stick kits or kits in your client's name. You keep them in name-tag packaging and use them exclusively for them. This type of attention is not very common, but it does reassure customers. As is the systematic disinfection of equipment in front of the client and especially with products recognized for their effectiveness, single-use manicure towels or a hygiene charter that highlights your values and your commitment to your clients.