If someone told you that you would have to be dressed from head to toe in fake nails to be fashionable, what would you think? After the meat dress worn by Mrs. Lady Gaga, here we are with a new "trend": The faux nail dress! We don't know where the stylists are going to get their ideas, but there must be many of them in the same brain! Imagine waking up one morning and thinking : here I am going to make a meat dress, or a toilet paper dress or a fake nail dress ! The idea, you have to have it, but to put it into practice is a real audacity ! When we heard about the designer Anna Goswami who graduated from the Central Saint Martins School of Design in London and her project to create a collection of dresses in fake nails, it made me smile ! A slightly sceptical smile accompanied by a slightly critical thought: "What's that joke again? It's true that Lady Gaga's meat dress has had its hour of glory! It made the buzz even if it was to your own taste "just awful". Still, we've been talking about it for months and we're still talking about it today as we're doing now! The designer won her surreal bet! Fashion news and trends are sometimes very surprising. Anna Goswami launched this project of collection of dresses in fake nails with a very precise idea: To create glamorous and colorful dresses all in fake plastic nails! A collection that she wanted original at the height of her audacity!